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Send your message for a better world with our special edition for the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer, made in collaboration with the illustrator Nerea Garijo.

DANA is the ultimate cloth bag:
elegant, ultra-resistant and sustainable. Wear your values ​​with elegance when you go shopping, to work, to study or for a walk.

Sustainable materials:
100% recycled fabric from 3 plastic bottles and textile waste (factory scraps)
recycled label. Digital printing. With the recycling of plastic bottles, in addition to giving a new life to the product and preventing it from ending up on land or sea, 20% less water is consumed in the subsequent industrial process, 50% less energy is consumed and it is polluted 60% less.

40 cm x 36 cm

Being a limited edition we have less stock than usual. Therefore, we advise that the delivery time of the product could be delayed up to a week.

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