Our Happy Values

Our Purpose

We exist to provide a circular, sustainable, and ethical marketplace. We are driven to improve the social, economic, and environmental well being of the communities we serve.

As part of our commitment to creating a simplified and easy to navigate customer experience, we have established Happy Values. Each of these values represents a searchable tag that allows you to narrow down selections to exactly what you are looking for.

Happy Values






Ingredients & Materials

Happy Buyer

Conscious shoppers can easily and affordably uphold their values.

Unique Products

Find products that range from vintage and repaired to one-of-a-kind and made-to-order. 

Healthy Wellbeing

Discover organic health and wellness products, vitamins, sustainable athletic gear, and more.

Conscious Consumerism

Easily access brands that support sustainability and transparency.

Purchase Flexibility

Shop brands that offer free shipping, free returns, and full refunds.

Happy Planet

Every product meets eco-friendly standards, whether it is the materials, processes, or both.

Waste Reduction

This includes using recycled, reusable, and compostable packaging; selling recyclable and upcycled products; supporting slow fashion and slow production; and creating resale and take-back programs.

Sustainable Practices

Buy from brands that source products ethically and leverage solar and wind power practices to reduce a negative impact on the environment.

Low Impact Resources

Find eco-friendly products that utilize low impact dyes and ink.

Innovative Materials

The materials used to create products are important to help keep the planet happy. Shop brands that utilize apple leather, pineapple leaves, and cactus leather as sustainable replacement materials.

Happy Animals

Our cruelty-free, plant-based brands and products support animal welfare.

Cruelty Free

Shop knowing it’s good for the environment including wildlife and animals, not just plants and people. Find brands that prioritize animal welfare and ensure cruelty free products that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world.

Animal Alternatives

Leaning into animal alternatives keeps our planet thriving. Cerqular offers a wide range of plant-based and vegan products, making it easy to shop with animals in mind.

Happy Community

Mission-driven shoppers and businesses can connect over shared principles.

Mission Driven

A one-stop shop for like-minded mission-driven brands. Support companies with a higher purpose and meaningful mission driven practices.

Giving It Back

Cerqular makes it easy to find brands that give back to their planet and their community. Filter by companies that have positive give back programs.

Local Artisans

Find locally made, hand crafted, and small-batch artisan work, including Made in the USA labels. Shoppers can lower their carbon footprint, enhance local economies, and enable artisans to keep up their craft.


Shoppers looking to challenge the harmful stereotypes created in our society can now shop with inclusivity in mind. Find businesses that support racial diversity, female inclusivity, LGBTQIA2S+ inclusivity, disability inclusivity, visually impaired inclusivity, and body positivity..

Small Businesses

Small businesses help stimulate economic growth and have a deep and direct impact on local communities. The Cerqular marketplace makes it easy to find and support businesses of all sizes.

Community Led

Co-creation inspires innovative and more diverse ideas so Cerqular encourages community members to take an active role in the development, implementation, and execution of initiatives and programs.

Happy Labor

Our brands uphold ideals of inclusivity, empowerment, and ethical labor.


Support the growth of underrepresented founders. Shop brands that are BIPOC, minority, female, and LGBTQIA2S+ owned, led, or founded businesses.

Ethical Labor

Find companies that are rooted in the fair treatment and payment of employees, and are practicing the highest ethical standards of Corporate Social Responsibility so that their workers have access to conditions enabling them to thrive.

Employee Empowerment

Shop brands that empower their employees by giving them autonomy, support, and resources to be accountable and thrive.

Happy Ingredients & Materials

Everything is nasty-free, made from clean, non-toxic indredients.

Clean Ingredients & Materials

Every ingredient matters. Shop brands supporting non-toxic products that leave the nasty out.


100% organic products in a one-stop shop platform. Let’s make verified sustainable shopping the norm.

Clean Ingredients & Materials

Easily weed out certain ingredients or materials like BPA free, fragrance free, paraben free, sugar free, gluten free, cruelty free, GMO free, and more.

Shop by Your Values

Reducing Waste • Ethical Production
Women-Owned • Mental Health & Mindfulness
Local Craftsmanship • Clean Ingredients • Giving Back
Black-Owned • Inclusivity