Why sell on cerqular?

Quick set up

Quick set up

Already have a Shopify or WooCommerce site? Great! Set up & manage your cerqular storefront & listings with our connectors.

Happy buyers

Happy buyers

Buyers are rewarded cerq-cash for purchases & can use it at your store.

Get paid super fast

Get paid super fast

Cash flow is king. cerq-pay sends you payments shortly after the customer pays - no more waiting!

Create a storefront

Create a storefront

Your cerqular storefront functions as a site within a platform. Manage everything from policies, customers, pricing, shipping, images, product descriptions & even give different customers different prices.

Buyers tuned into sustainability

Buyers tuned into sustainability

Target your audience with buyers who are tuned into sustainable shopping and as passionate about it as you are.

Manage everything

Manage everything

Manage everything from sales, returns, customer inquiries & building customer loyalty from your seller dashboard.

What you'll find on cerqular

Shopping Local

We promote local shopping to reduce the carbon impact from shipping long distances. Shopping local also boosts local businesses, communities and economies.

Verification means everything

It’s so important that our shoppers trust us. Everything is verified, from a seller’s company registration to their sustainability claims. Transparency matters.

100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

We’ve partnered with Sendle to offer a fully carbon-neutral shipping option across the USA and Australia.

Become a Pro

cerq-pros are the best of the best. Getting this extra recognition will help you stand out and boost your sales.

Complete Control

You decide how to ship, handle returns, price your products or offer discounts and even different pricing options for different customers. We’re here to support you and help you shine!

Showcase Your Credentials

We know you’ve worked hard to achieve your creds. Whether you’re 100% vegan or a Certified B Corp, you can proudly display these badges on your storefront.

Seller criteria

To help you love shopping on cerqular, we have a strict set of criteria all sellers need to meet before being able to join. From verifying their company registration, providing a transparent product return/exchange/warranty policy, to verifying claims and features of sustainability, all sellers on cerqular are verified. Save time, be rewarded and feel confident every time you shop on cerqular knowing you’re buying from verified sustainable brands that have gone the extra mile to help you and the environment.

Our verification process


Verify Documentation

We check every application to make sure all claims are backed up (so if a seller says it’s a certified B Corp, we double check it’s true!). Sustainable certifications can be complex – but rest assured, we’ve got you covered.


Verify Each Product

We comb through every application to make sure products are good for the environment as well as wildlife, plants, natural resources and people. Verified sellers are serious about sustainability & product innovation.


Get Approved

Total transparency and traceability of each sustainable feature and seller are a must. When you sell on cerqular you’re doing business on a level playing field designed to make you shine!


Make Changes

Any time there's any big changes to the product (ingredients, sourcing, materials etc) we review this too, to make sure it's still all sustainable.


New Products

Whenever you have new products to add, simply load the product information along with supporting documentation in your seller dashboard and we’ll review the listing ASAP to get your products up and running.


Random Checks

We randomly check our sellers to ensure their credentials are up to date, their marketing is true, and their products live up to their promises so buyers can shop with confidence.



More growth for sustainable vs conventional products in 2019

$150 billion

$150 billion

of total US retail sales will be sustainable in 2021 (that’s 25%)



of US millennials are happy to pay more for environmentally friendly & sustainable products



of US millennials are altering their buying habits with the environment in mind

How to cerq-it

Review seller criteria here

Review seller criteria here

Apply & submit your business / company credentials

Apply & submit your business / company credentials

Submit documents supporting claims of sustainability

Submit documents supporting claims of sustainability

Build your cerq-store & product listings

Build your cerq-store & product listings

Scale your business – sell to sustainable shoppers

Scale your business – sell to sustainable shoppers

Already have a Shopify or WooCommerce website?

Set up your storefront and load products in minutes with our Shopify & WooCommerce connector. Your site and cerqular storefront will be able to talk to one another without any impact to your Shopify/WooCommerce site. The 1-way connector automatically inputs the product info, images, inventory etc. and only takes minutes to complete. Get up and running in less than 10 minutes!

Current connectors:

Do you have a website with another provider?

If you have an existing site with any of the below providers, please drop us an email, and we'll setup the relevant connector for you.

Membership plans

Our seller-friendly membership plans are designed to support your business at every phase, from starting out to expanding globally. Check out our low referral fees and monthly membership fees now and save by signing up annually!

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Your questions answered

Why should I join cerqular?

cerqular is the new multi-seller marketplace platform for only verified brands selling verified sustainable products. Our platform is centered on the following:
- Business friendly terms that gives you more profit & faster cash flow

- A level playing field - all sellers compete fairly based on product characteristics rather than the lowest price

- Connecting you with like minded passionate sustainable shoppers searching for what you have and happy to pay the fair price

- Give you more ways to build a brand and connect with your customers on the platform

Where can I apply to be a seller?

Click here for a link to our new seller application. The application process is quick and easy and in 2-parts. Part 1 is setting up your account, we ask that all sellers have a valid business or company please. Part 2 is submitting products you would like to sell on cerqular along with documentation verifying claims and features of sustainability. We complete all seller and product applications within 2 days!

How do I set up my storefront?

Great question! We’ve put together a detailed guide for getting started on cerqular, including tips and tricks to maximize all the features of our platform. Take a look here.

What does “cerq-pro” mean?

Earning this badge means your shop has gone the extra mile. Shoppers often look for cerq-pro status to find our best sellers. To earn a badge, you’ll need to sell on our platform for 12+ months, make +50 sales per month and maintain a consistently high customer rating of at least 4.3.

How does shipping work?

You have complete flexibility over how you choose to manage shipments, which also means you have full responsibility over handling the costs. We strongly encourage sellers to partner with Sendle, our 100% carbon neutral shipping partner if you're in the USA or Australia. You’re able to set your own rates based on the price or weight of the products, and can choose to offer international shipping based on regional or national pricing. All sellers are required to send out products within 30 days of purchase.

What is Sendle?
Sendle is a Certified B Corp that ships across the US and Australia with 100% carbon neutrality. We are proud to partner with them and strongly encourage you to use Sendle for your shipments.

What’s Route+?
It’s an optional insurance add-on that your customers can select in check-out. Route+ helps you avoid any challenges with missing packages or late arrivals. They take care of any accidental mishaps along the way and comes at no extra cost to you.

Let’s talk about money

What’s cerq-pay and how does it work?

cerq-pay is our fast, easy payment system that integrates with Stripe
Connect Express. Not to be confused with cerq-cash (a digital wallet for buyers to make shopping a one-click experience), our cerq-pay system allows you to get paid quickly. It’s also how you’ll pay the cerqular team your monthly membership fee. Just like other online marketplace platforms, sellers are responsible for any transaction fees. To learn more about what those fees are, please click here.

What is the monthly membership fee?

We offer 4 levels of membership which vary based on your shop and its
needs. All of our memberships are paid on a monthly basis, but we offer anywhere from 10-20% off if you opt-in to an annual membership. See below for full details: