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Product Details

Perfect for removing highly pigmented makeup or nail polish without getting stained.

  • 1x Case Made From Ocean Bound Plastic
  • 7x Reusable Rounds.

Replaces +1750 single-use rounds.

The problem with single-use rounds
Why Use LastRound?
Softer Than the Bum on a Baby Alpaca
Feels just as good to use as regular cotton rounds. Just add a splash of water to soften it.
Preserve Forests.
LastRound helps conserve forests by reducing the demand for disposable cotton rounds, which contributes to deforestation and habitat destruction.
Minimize Waste & Water Use.
Choosing LastRound reduces plastic packaging waste associated with single-use cotton rounds, contributing to a cleaner environment. Additionally, it takes 10 liters of water to create just one disposable cotton round—so by using LastRound, you'll save both packaging waste and water.q
Save Money.
By using LastRound to its full potential (reusing it 1750 times), you can save over 50 USD compared to purchasing single-use cotton rounds, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

How to Use
Easy to Use & Easy to Clean
  • Step 1. Wet It: The rounds are hard when dry, so simply add a bit of water and squeeze out the excess.4
  • Step 2. Enjoy It: Use with cleanser, toner, astringent, cream, ointment or other favourite product,
  • Step 3. Clean It: Immediately clean with soap and water or run in the machine up to 60°C/140°F.
  • Step 4. Pop It: Let it dry on a flat surface before popping it back into the case.

Use & clean your LastRound
  • LastRound is naturally quite stiff, but it becomes soft and wonderful to use when you add a little water. Squeeze out any excess before adding your remover, toner, or other products (don’t worry, they won’t get diluted and the round absorbs just the right amount).
  • If you use the rounds for nail polish removal, make sure to keep those rounds separate from the ones you use on your face.
  • You can wash your rounds by hand after every use. Just add some soap and water and let it dry flat. You can also machine wash (86°F/30°C is best for the environment, but 140°F/60°C is also okay). To keep them all safe and sound, we advice you to use a laundry bag.

Product measurements
LastRound Original and Pro: The rounds measure 6 cm or 2.36'', and the case is 6,7 x 3 cm or 2.64 x 1.18''.

LastRoind Large: The rounds measure 9 cm or 3.54" and the case measures 10 x 10 x 3 cm or 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.2"

Materials & Packaging
LastRound is a round with an epic combination of 70% wood fibers and 30% cotton fibers. They will feel just as lovely to use as regular single-use rounds, but with the added benefit of also being better for the planet. They have a textured surface and great absorption, without eating all of your products.
The case is made from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic that has been collected from beaches and riverbeds. So every case literally saves nature from plastic waste.
Even the packaging is sustainable and made from Cradle to Cradle certified cardboard.

Sustainability & Footprint
LastRound is an awesome substitute for single-use rounds, and with all 22 environmental categories considered, it is 24 times better! After only 34 uses, you break even with the CO2 emissions. LastRound reduces carbon footprint (CO2) by 90%, water consumption by 92%, land use by 99%, and primary energy demand by 90%. One case with 7 rounds replace over 1.750 single-use rounds!

When your round is no longer usable, you can stick into a flower pot and it will decompose into soil. You can save the case and just replace the round with a refill. If you take good care of the case, it can last 5 years or even longer.

Product Case & Ocean Bound Plastic
We proudly make all of our plastic cases with recycled Ocean Bound Plastic. This means that the case is actually made from plastic that was previously polluting the environment but then was collected from beaches and riverbeds and given a new life.
No virgin plastic has been used in the making of the case.

Single-Use Products & Alternatives
Rounds can be very useful when cleaning the face or for makeup and nail polish removal, but around the world, more than 11 billion single-use rounds are used every year. That's an incredible amount of waste.
Not only are the rounds taking up space in landfills, but even the manufacturing process is bad for the environment with massive amounts of water added, and chemicals such as bleach being used.

Lifecycle analysis & breaking even
LastRound is 24 times better than single-use cotton rounds and 14 times better than single-use organic cotton rounds considering all 22 environmental impact categories. That is pretty dope, in our humble opinion.
After only 34 uses, you break even with the CO2 emissions. LastRound reduces carbon footprint (CO2) by 90%, water consumption by 92%, land use by 99%, and primary energy demand by 90%. One case with 7 rounds replace over 1.750 single-use rounds!

Vegan & cruelty-free
LastRound is completely vegan and we don't test on animals. We love animals and wild life and want to make the planet a better place. This is why we only use recycled Ocean Bound Plastic and choose materials that are kind to Mother Earth.
From the first steps of production to the very end of the product's life, we want to create options that are so much better for the planet and so much more sustainable.

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