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Paraben FREE

Paraben FREE

Phthalate Free

Phthalate Free

Recycled Packaging

Recycled Packaging

Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing



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Exploring classic light and dark textures infused with a modern twist by Nathalie Benareau.

This complex, yet playful exploration of light and dark textures brings a modern twist to classic perfumery notes. A rich base of sumptuous dark leather is punctuated by the elegance of night-blooming jasmine. Nostalgic notes of sweet cotton candy and herbal mate add a contemporary lightness to the perfume. Hidden notes that emerge as the fragrance dries down surprise you when you think you really know it.



Top: Cotton Candy / Elemi / Saffron

Heart: Brazilian Mate / Night Blooming Jasmine / Ambrette

Base: Aged Leather / Cashmere Musk / Labdanum / Amberwood



A. N. OTHER offers the most exciting perfumers in the world a radical proposition: an opportunity to do whatever they want without having to worry about costs or commerciality.

A. N. OTHER receives dozens of fragrances created without boundaries. But only one is chosen for each launch.Perfumer: Nathalie Benareau. Fragrance house: Symrise, Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

“I can create with notes and materials that really interest me without having to worry about price or commerciality. It’s very liberating. It encourages creativity, and it means that I can create something very meaningful to me that has great quality.”



Ingredients that are sustainable and ethically sourced.

A. N. OTHER fragrances are created under the 'Green Company' seal. The magnetic caps are made from a thermoset resin in a cradle to grave sustainable manufacturing process and 32% of the resin ingredients are plant-based and come from renewable sources.

A. N. OTHER packaging is also made from recycled cardboard and designed to eliminate the need for a secondary shipping box.

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