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Helpsy Source

Sustainable Wholesale Reimagined. Providing wholesale inventory to e-commerce resellers for resale while also helping to avoid textile waste!

WE KEEP CLOTHES OUT OF LANDFILLS. OUR BUSINESS MODEL IS DESIGNED FOR THIS. Helpsy Source is proud to be a key part of Helpsy’s collaborative efforts to extend the life cycle of clothing and keep clothes out of landfills. Helpsy, our parent company, is a vertically integrated, B Corp certified clothing collections company working around the clock to change the way we think about, dispose of, recycle and buy secondhand clothing for the benefit of our planet.


We are proud to have launched our Helpsy Source business in support of our mission. Helpsy Source offers wholesale inventory and brand sourcing services to large and small resellers, making it easy for small business owners to sell second-hand clothing and build a sustainable business model. We work together to reduce waste and make our planet a better place.

Returns Policy

It is important to note that many of the items the company sells as inventory are secondhand and have been worn previously by consumers. We believe that clothes should never end up in the trash, and our only competition is a trash can. It is our goal to prevent all clothing from being thrown away, and that mindset is at the core of our business.

Items purchased from Helpsy Source range from brand new with retail tags attached to garments that may be heavily flawed and require repurposing or upcycling into other garments to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

While it is our goal that every customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase, we believe that some conditions and styles are subjective, and we are unable to replace or refund items based on subjective issues alone. Please continue reading to see what are normal, expected signs of use and wear on our wholesale inventory, that is not included in our expected 15% flaw rate.

Orders cannot be cancelled after 24 hours. Some products take longer to fulfill than others due to a rigorous sort process. You may see packs available online that are listed for sale even if your order has not yet been fulfilled. This does not mean your order won't be filled.

Some packs may take 10-14 business days or longer to ship. This is a normal timeframe and should be expected. Cancellations for delayed fulfillment time are not available prior to 21 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) from date of order.

If you have any questions or concerns about our terms & conditions, or about any part of our service we are always happy to help.
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Quality of garments

What's the percentage of damaged or flawed items to expect in each order?

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