Make Sustainable Snack choices for Yourself and Your Pets

🛒🐾 Ready to make a positive impact on the planet while shopping for groceries and pampering your pets? Look no further than Cerqular's curated selection of eco-friendly brands in the Grocery and Pets category! 🌱🐶

🥕🌽 For nutritious snacks that pack a punch, check out these innovative brands:


Pulp Pantry - Indulge in guilt-free snacking with Pulp Chips, crafted from fresh, organic vegetables. These crispy, crunchy chips are loaded with fiber and flavor, making them the perfect wholesome snack for any occasion. 

Rind Snacks - Experience the power of whole fruit with RIND Snacks. These deliciously different snacks are made from the entire fruit, including the nutrient-rich peel. Enjoy clean energy and fight food waste with every bite!

RIND Delivery & Pickup | Foxtrot

What If Foods - Elevate your plant-based diet with What If Foods' range of planet-based products. From nutritious milk alternatives to wholesome noodles, their regenerative foods replenish the nutrients you need for an active lifestyle.


🐾🐶 When it comes to caring for your furry friends, these brands have your pet's well-being at heart:


Project Blu - Support sustainable pet care with Project Blu's range of dog products made from recycled ocean plastics. Give your pet the best while helping clean up our oceans!

Shameless Pets - Treat your dog or cat to healthy, all-natural snacks. Made from upcycled ingredients, their superfood biscuits, jerky, and chews are packed with functional benefits and fight food waste with every bag.

Shameless Pets Dog and Cat Treats Review 2022 - Brightly

 From nutritious snacks to eco-friendly pet treats, Cerqular offers a variety of options to help you make sustainable choices for yourself and your furry companions. Shop consciously and make a positive impact on the planet today! 🌍🛒🐾