Your check-list for shopping sustainably on cerqular

As you shop around on cerqular, you’ll notice various symbols next to each shop, which stand for different aspects of sustainability. From low impact production methods to organic certifications and recycled content, our handy guide will help you dig deeper into what each sign means.




This product can break down into its natural elements, leaving no toxicity in the soil and fully returning to Earth, just like fruit and vegetable scraps.


Compostable Packaging

Before you think about throwing out the packaging of this product, or even recycling it, try your best to compost it. It’ll break down into a rich and usable soil.


Paraben Free

This product doesn’t contain paraben, a harmful chemical that may be associated with some cancers. They’re chemicals usually found in skincare products that can be easy to spot because they end with the word “paraben” like methylparaben, proplyparaben or isopropylparaben.


Phtalate Free

This product doesn’t contain phthalates, a detrimental chemical usually found in plastics.


Sulfate Free

This product doesn’t contain sulfates, which are usually found in personal care products such as shampoos and soaps. Sulfates, while naturally occurring, may clog the skin, irritate your scalp and possibly cause acne.



Products with this label means there aren’t any GMOs (or Genetically Modified Organisms). GMOs involve alteration in a lab, but these products exist as they do in nature. 

Sustainable Lifestyle

This product can help you reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more sustainable and hopefully healthier lifestyle (be that through less disposable products or more recyclable goods, etc).



BPA Free

BPA is short for Bisphenol A, a nasty chemical that’s often found in plastics. All BPA Free products don’t contain this harmful additive which may have been linked to cancers.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing is the process of manufacturing products that minimize hazardous environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Some examples include local micro-manufacturing, the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and water to provide power.



When you see this badge you’ll know this product is 100% Vegan. That means it doesn’t contain any meat, eggs, milk, honey, insects or any other by-products.


Low Impact Dyes

Often water or plant based, sustainable dyes avoid harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or heavy metals. They generally use less water in production and are a more environmentally safe way to produce textiles.


Low Impact Ink

These inks are made from water-based, vegetable or soy alternatives and generally do not contain toxins like heavy metals.




Organic Wool

This product is made from organic wool


100% Organic Content

This product is completely made from organic materials, which means there weren’t any chemical pesticides or fertilizers used. This badge supports social responsibility and caring about the environment.

Organic Cotton

This product is made from organic cotton


Organic Hemp

This product is made from organic hemp


Organic Linen

This product contains organic linen



100% Recycled Content

This product was made from previously discarded materials (such as scraps from production, used clothing, empty water bottles, etc) to create a brand new product. This helps keep unnecessary waste from filling landfills and offers used goods another chance to thrive.




Wildcrafted ingredients have been grown in nature without human intervention. They are naturally occurring plants and herbs.


Cruelty Free

This product was not tested on animals and built in a cruelty-free environment.


Sustainably Harvested

This product was made while preserving the original ecosystem it came from, so it didn’t harm animals or the environment and keeps it flourishing for generations to come.



This product was made by hand which helps keep the supply chain small while supporting local livelihoods and craftsmanship.


Sustainably Harvested Wood

The wooden elements of this product have been sourced from sustainably managed forests which means there’s no over harvesting and the local communities/animals are considered. Overharvesting wood threatens our world’s biodiversity and could lead to extinction of many animals & plants.

Made in USA

This symbol means the product has been produced entirely in the USA, as backed by the Federal Trade Commission. 



Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed or Antique lumber is upcycled wood that has been rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses to create something new.


Upcycled Bamboo

Bamboo is fast growing and extremely versatile. Used chopsticks, scraps from bamboo furniture creation and more are used to make new products and as a bonus, it keeps less waste in landfill.


Upcycled Rubber

Upcycled rubber takes this durable and waterproof hard material and turns it into something new without wasting any energy to melt, shape or change its original form. 


Upcycled Glass

Upcycled glass takes old glass and cleans it to make something new without wasting any energy to melt, shape or change its original form.


Upcycled Leather

Upcycled leather takes old leather products either from clothing or factories and turns it into something new without wasting any energy to melt, shape or change its original form. 


Upcycled Vinyl

Upcycled vinyl takes this durable hard material and turns it into something new without wasting any energy to melt, shape or change its original form. 



100% UpCycled Content

This product is fully built from reused materials that haven’t been altered from their original state. No additional energy or resources were needed to create this brand new product (such as a handbag made from recycled bicycle tires).


Upcycled Cotton

Upcycled cotton takes old yarn and fabric scraps to make something new without wasting any energy to melt, shape or change the materials.

Upcycled Nylon

Upcycled nylon takes old nylon scraps and prevents the need for more to be produced. It turns the nylon into something new without wasting any energy to melt, shape or change its original form. 



Bird Friendly Coffee

This label by the Smithsonian aims to protect habitats from deforestation. It makes sure that coffee growers maintain a respect for their environment to protect the birds and other wildlife that live near their coffee farms.

This badge means the seller supports, an organization devoted to ending a world of fossil fuels and instead working to build community-led renewable energy for all. It’s named after a goal of decreasing fuel emissions to less than 350ppm, the safe concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


1% for the Planet

This company partners with 1% for the Planet, a non-profit devoted to protecting our environment. Any store you see with this badge has agreed to donate 1% of all profits to the program.


Agriculture Biologique

This is the main logo for organic products made in France. Anything with this label has been produced or processed in the EU and contains 95%+ organic materials.

Animal Welfare Approved

This label certifies the ethical treatment of animals, which means all animals were raised outdoors on a pasture or range. This certification is by A Greener World.


Australian Organic

This is Australia’s official seal for organic products made under rigorous certification checks. They believe in a holistic approach to growing more than just food but the entire system (soil, plants, the environment, etc).


bluesign Certified

bluesign certification means this seller passes the criteria for environmental and socially responsible textile manufacturing. This includes how they use resources, air and water, safe labor, ingredients and responsible processes. Their entire production process was carefully audited from chemical use to waste production.


BPI Compostable

This product has materials that have been certified to meet ASTM International standards for compostable plastics or packaging. Ultimately, this product’s waste can break down and turn into usable soil.


Certified Organic

The CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) is accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture and evaluates farms for organic practices across North America.


Carbon Fund

Carbon fund is a non-profit that aims to reduce our carbon footprints and offset what carbon we do use by paying for repairs to increase CO2 such as planting trees. Seeing this badge means this seller is part of the Carbonfree Partner Program.


Certified Carbon Neutral

Brands with this badge are closing the loop on their carbon emissions by calculating how much waste their products produce and paying that back to our environment through carbon reduction.


Carbon Reduction

Carbon reduction is about offsetting the human impacts of climate change. Using cars and planes are examples of ways we increase harmful toxins in our environment. This badge means this product and seller make a conscious effort to reverse our contribution to climate change , such as by planting trees or using solar power.


Carbon Trust Certified

Carbon Trust certification follows international standards to recognize companies who work to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact.


Carbon Care

This badge recognizes a company’s efforts to reduce their greenhouse gasses, proactively monitoring and working to reduce its carbon emissions. It’s managed by the Canadian Enviro-Access environmental agency.


Certified B Corporation

A certified B Corp is a company that goes through a detailed process to prove its operations pass a set of social and environmental standards. Any B Corp is certified across all products, so you can rest assured of this brand’s mission to balance profit and purpose.


Certified Non-GMO

Products with the label Certified-Non GMO (or Genetically Modified Organisms) means that they haven’t been altered in a lab and exist as they do in nature. This certification is verified by A Greener World.


Certified Vegan

When you see this badge you’ll know this product is 100% Vegan. That means it doesn’t contain any meat, eggs, milk, honey, insects or any other by-products.


Certified Wildlife Friendly

This badge means your product supports the Wildlife Friendly non-profit in their work to protect the world’s most threatened animal species, including elephants, gorillas and sea turtles. 


Certified Biodynamic

All products with Biodynamic certification were created on farms (or vineyards) that treat the land like a living organism. They face annual inspection, making sure they follow a set of strict rules around all aspects of production including animal welfare, biodiversity and soil fertility. 

Groupe Ecocert

Ecocert is a French company that offers certification, consulting and training to teach people about organic farming. Seeing this badge on cerqular means the product has been independently verified as environmentally and socially responsible. Ecocert is a centralized certifying body for the majority of well-known certifications including USDA, GOTS, Fair Trade & many others.

EU Organic Products

This product is certified organic by the European Union. Anything with this label was produced and sold organically in the EU. When you see this logo, you’ll know this product contains at least 95% organic materials.

Fair Trade Certified

When you see this badge, you’ll know this store supports farms that provide safe working conditions and fair wages to its staff, all around the world.


Food Alliance Certified

Agricultural producers and food companies with this badge agree to farm sustainably. They follow a code of transparency, traceability and social/environmental responsibility.

FSC Certified

FSC or Forest Stewardship Council, sets the gold standard of wood harvestry. All forests are responsibly managed, socially beneficial and environmentally conscious.

GECA Certified

The Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certification program uses scientific and detailed standards to determine which products earn their seal. Donning this badge means there is a much more positive impact on human health and a lower impact on our environment by buying this product.

GOTS Certified

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) offers a worldwide set of standards for environmentally and socially responsible textile manufacture. They pay attention to every step of the process from organic fibers to a safe work environment and positive employee treatment.

Green Tick Certified

Started in New Zealand, the Green Tick initiative is now world-wide. It’s funded by scientists, urban planners and engineers focusing strictly on science and doesn’t have any ties to NGOs or government organizations.

NASAA Organic

Australia doesn’t have a set of strict legal requirements on products labeled ‘organic’ so the NASAA serves to fill that gap, making sure all NASAA Organic products meet the standards for true organic production.

These personal care products are made up of at least 70% organic materials.

National Forest Foundation

Seeing this badge means the seller you are buying from has either donated to or partnered with the National Forest Foundation, an environmental conservation organization that works to protect all forests and grasslands in the USA.

Okeo- Tex Certified

This product is completely free from harmful chemicals and is safe for human use. It went through rigorous tests to check if it contained over 100 damaging chemicals and passed with flying colors.

OTCO Certified

OTCO (Oregon Tilth) is a leading non-profit educator and certifier for organic agriculture. Any product with this badge meets their standards for organic farming.

Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans is an organization devoted to eliminating plastic in our oceans. They work to clean up our oceans so marine animals don’t get entangled in litter or worse, eat them.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance symbol indicates the circular initiative between farmers, foresters and companies all working together to make a more sustainable supply chain. They certify lots of products, but typically you’ll see their symbol on coffees, teas, plants, flowers, and some health and beauty supplies.

RTRS Certified Soy

A global group of soy producers, banks and NGOs set up the RTRS Certification to make sure sustainable and socially responsible practices are in place for the soy industry. They ensure soy production methods protect the environment, follow strict labor standards and respect the owners’ land.


Terracycle runs waste collection programs to recycle things that usually don’t have a renewable shelf life like lightbulbs, pens and cigarette butts.

USDA Certified

USDA Certified organic foods must be at least 95% certified organic to have the word “organic” on the label. If a product says “made with organic” it needs to be 70% organic. All products with this badge pass strict guidelines in the US about raising animals, pest and weed control, soil quality and other factors.

UTZ Certified

UTZ is the world's largest certification program of sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts.


Certified Naturally Grown

CNG is a grassroots initiative of farms that all work in a peer-reviewed community to ensure all goods are locally grown without any synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

Certified Organic

The CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) is accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture and evaluates farms for organic practices across North America. 


Veriflora Certified

The gold standard in flora, Veriflora Certification is for cut flowers and potted plants, ensuring sustainable practices in their creation.