Zouri - Vegan Shoes

Zouri shoes is an eco-vegan shoe label using innovative eco-friendly materials including apple leather, pineapple leaves, plastic trash, hemp, organic cotton, and natural and recycled linen.

Zouri’s known for their everyday classics including sneakers and sandals that are eco-friendly as well as being ethically and fairly made in Portugal.


Clean crisscross sandals made using a blend of eco materials, the sun linen sandal is ethically & naturally crafted using linen, natural rubber, cork and recovered plastic ocean waste. These sandals reuse the equivalent of 6 bottles of plastic from the ocean.

A classic favorite is the vegan Algae black sneaker made from apple leather and organic cotton lining. FYI each pair is water-resistant and reuses the equivalent of 8 bottles of plastic from the ocean.

The mid-rise wahoo sneakers are not only animal-friendly, they’re also made from pinatex (pineapple leaves fabric) and an insole that’s super comfortable while also being made with 43% recycled material.

The team at Zouri are serious about sustainability and wanted to create shoes that were vegan while also saving the planet. Each year over 22 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. To help save our planet, Zouri is proudly working closely with over 1.3k+ volunteers to help clean up beaches on the Portuguese coast. Over the last three years over 4 tons of plastic waste has already been collected and rescued from beaches and the ocean.  

Over the next few years, Zouri plans to impact 150+ schools with their environmental awareness program and by the end of 2022, they’re aiming to have collected 20 tons of plastic waste. 


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