Riding into the Future: Exploring CAKE's Sustainable Motorbikes 🏍️🌱

Rev up your engines and join us on a thrilling journey into the world of sustainable motorbikes with CAKE! 🌟 Known for their light, quiet, and clean electric rides, CAKE is revolutionizing the way we think about two-wheeled transportation. Let's dive into their eco-friendly models and the visionary ethos behind this Swedish brand.


CAKE: Redefining High-Performance Electric Motorbikes


At the heart of CAKE's mission lies a commitment to uncompromising high-performance electric motorbikes. With model names like Makka, Åik, Ösa, Kalk, Bukk, and Kids, each offering a unique riding experience, CAKE is setting new standards in the industry.


A Legacy of Innovation and Sustainability


Founded by Stefan Ytterborn, a visionary with a passion for gravity sports and a track record of success with POC, CAKE embodies innovation and sustainability. With over three decades of experience in design, product development, and communication, Ytterborn's vision for CAKE was clear from the start: to develop high-quality performance products that inspire a shift to a zero-emission society.


CAKE's Purpose: Inspiring Responsibility and Excitement


CAKE is more than just a motorbike company; it's a movement towards a greener future. By inspiring people and contributing to the acceleration of the journey towards a zero-emission society, CAKE combines excitement with responsibility. Their diverse range of models reflects this purpose, catering to various riding needs while championing sustainability.


Exploring CAKE's Model Lineup


  1. Makka: Designed for commuting convenience, the Makka is perfect for urban dwellers looking to navigate city streets with ease. Its sleek design and eco-friendly credentials make it a standout choice for eco-conscious commuters.
  2. Åik: With its versatile utility and innovative features, the Åik is a game-changer for those seeking adventure off the beaten path. Whether you're exploring rugged terrain or embarking on outdoor adventures, the Åik delivers unmatched performance and sustainability.
  3. Ösa: Blurring the lines between utility and innovation, the Ösa is a versatile electric workhorse designed to tackle a wide range of tasks. From hauling cargo to powering tools, the Ösa's modular design makes it adaptable to various work environments.
  4. Kalk: Built for off-road enthusiasts, the Kalk combines agility, power, and sustainability in one electrifying package. Its lightweight construction and powerful electric motor make it a formidable force on the trails, with zero emissions to boot.
  5. Bukk: Conquer any terrain with the Bukk, CAKE's off-road powerhouse. With its rugged design and advanced suspension system, the Bukk is engineered to handle the toughest conditions while minimizing environmental impact.
  6. Kids: Introduce the next generation to the joys of sustainable riding with CAKE's Kids model. Designed with safety and fun in mind, the Kids model instills a love for eco-friendly adventure from an early age.


At Cerqular, we're proud to partner with CAKE in promoting sustainable transportation solutions that prioritize excitement and responsibility. Explore our curated selection of CAKE's electric motorbikes and join us in riding towards a greener future! 🌍🔋