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The Kelly family appear to have it all: wealth, success and admiration. But behind the glamourous façade, demons and dilemmas threaten to destroy the reputation of this seemingly perfect family. Can football manager, Crawford, forgive his son for rejecting the sport that runs through their veins? Can ex-model, Florentina, control her bitter jealousy of her daughter and finally learn the truth surrounding the death of her own parents? Will rising star, Abi, learn that real life is far more important than any virtual alternative? And will Thomas, the only member of the family to reject the trappings of wealth, ever come to terms with his own sexuality? Or will his knowledge of a life-changing secret prove one secret too many? From the fast-paced action of the English Premier League to the tranquil beauty of Scotland's west coast, Serious Foul Play is a tale of glamour, blackmail and adultery, and the struggles of a family who have more to lose than most. show more

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