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Set in the post 9/11 world, Australia is still a country of relative innocence with our terror threat at medium to low. All that is about to change. With the Bali bombings, boats on the horizon, and the threat of global terrorism on the increase, the Prime Minister instructs our overseas intelligence agency ASIS (Australian Secret intelligence Service) to activate an independent covert team, designated Section Zulu, to move around our closest Asian neighbours and alert Canberra to any terrorist plans, never realising the enemy could already be inside the fence. When that overseas team Section Zulu, uncovers intelligence of threats to Australia the Prime Minister decides the last line of defence will be a small locally-based covert team that will secretly terminate that threat. Headed by ex-SASR officer Tony McAvin, and together with electronic surveillance experts, the crack team track down homegrown terrorists. But can the team overcome living and working in a shadowy world of death and deception and still become the force the country so desperately needs. A team that will not have to answer to anyone but the Prime Minister. A team that will be totally deniable and covert - and one that will take the fall if and when it all goes wrong....that team is called Section Alpha. "I have said for a long time this country can't imagine that it's free from the prospect of a terrorist attack. We are, in my view, well prepared, but the important thing is not to have an effective response mechanism after the attack; the aim is to try and stop it occurring in the first place." The Australian Prime Minister - John Howard. 1996-2007show more

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