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The Vincents' nightclubs are popping up all over London.The O'Connells, a gypsy family, plan to get their hands on the Palaces, but gypsies have no place in business... not the Vincents' business.Their hunger for revenge is driven by jealousy and greed. Disregarding the warnings and the rumours of the disappearance of the entire McManners family, the O'Connells plot a scam so cruel even their own kind shuns them.Ruby Vincent is now fifteen, and she may look like her aunt Francesca, but she still has Jesse Right's blood running through her veins. Turning her back on the family, she goes in search of the truth. What she finds will haunt her... She should have left the boogie man to rot in hell.'When you've made your bed, you must lie in it.' show more

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