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Born in the 1930s, John Mullen grows up in poverty-stricken Dundalk, Ireland. Although he has the love of a big family, a warm and caring mother, and great friends, his is a simple childhood with little money to spare and often not enough, even for food. He attends Catholic schools and survives the cruelty of the system in those early days, but his childhood experiences prepare him well for life ahead. We follow John's life story as he faces huge challenges until he can finally enjoy what he has spent a lifetime earning. As working parents, John and his wife Anthea are devastated when their firstborn son, Patrick, after a difficult birth, grows up 'backward' and not able to join the mainstream school system. Through all the frustrations, anger, and sadness, but ever-present love and compassion, they make tough decisions to help Patrick, while caring for their other two sons. But are they the right decisions and what will become of Patrick? show more

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