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My next life as a villainess: all routes lead to doom! volume 3


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After hitting her head on a rock, Katarina Claes regains the memories of her past life, and realizes that she's been reincarnated into the world the otome game she'd been playing. There's only one problem - she's the villainess of the game, who has only bad endings! From practicing with the sword to crafting fake snakes, Katarina has done her best to prepare for all the possible Catastrophic Bad Ends. Now it's finally time for her to enroll in the Academy of Magic, where the story of the game begins. Unfortunately she only finds more trouble there, starting with meeting the one who may spell her doom - heroine of the game! Join Katarina as she tries to avoid all the bad routes, only to end up getting entangled with them in ways she'd never imagined! show more

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