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Miller is an ex-special forces paratrooper down on his luck and living rough on the streets of Manchester. Via an unprovoked act of violence, he is sent to prison where he is recruited to join the SIS, Britain's intelligence forces active in Dublin during the 'Troubles'. Once deployed, he succeeds in infiltrating into the higher echelons of IRA command structure to play out his double-agent role. This high-octane story takes us from Dublin to Belfast to London and onto Boston as our hero treads on eggshells balancing between serving the IRA, the Crown of Great Britain and just staying alive. The UK establishment begins to use every mean possible to counter the growing threat of the IRA. His only solace is his affection for Ceira, the IRA accountant in Boston, who reconnects him with his own sexuality as they play out their steamy and passionate love affair. The readers are left on the edge of their seats expecting Miller to be discovered at every turn of the page. show more

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