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In 1938, it was becoming obvious that twenty years of political ineptitude meant that the 'war to end wars' was anything but and a new generation would have to pay the price. Among that new generation is Pilot Officer George Knight, who, by September 1939, becomes an operational fighter pilot soon to move with 686 Squadron to France, little suspecting that both love and danger await him before the shooting war even begins. When it does, the Battle of France is quickly lost and after a period of furious action in which he experiences the harsh realities of total war for the first time, he is swept up in the resulting chaos and evacuated to England, leaving behind more than just regrets... June 1940 finds 686 reforming around a handful of stalwarts including George, now an embittered man on a mission to kill as many Germans as possible, and soon coming into conflict with a new CO overly reliant on outdated ideas. From July through to September, the Battle of Britain grows in intensity as the 'few' seek to turn back the Luftwaffe tide and within that greater conflict, George has to balance personal priorities with discipline and the greater good. Even when the battle has passed its climax, fate still has a few twists in store... Meanwhile, in France, the first stirrings of resistance are taking place... show more

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