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Interest in heroin is surging back after years of dormancy. Why? Supply and demand! Drug cartels have increased the supply of heroin, so that it is cheaper and purer than ever before. Secondly, the Federal government's recent crack down on popular prescription opiates like OxcyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin so they are increasingly hard and costly to obtain on the black market. A recent study reveals that people who had recently abused prescription opiates are 19 times more likely to try heroin. Fueled by a boom in supply and a decline in cost, heroin use is up around the nation and spreading to segments of the population once considered unlikely users. "Cool people are doing it!" Remember the old slogan: "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll"? Heroin has a sexy side--very sexy. Black Opium: Ecstasy of the Forbidden brings heroin's sexy visions to life. The world of black opium is a forbidden world where human bodies find themselves possessed and driven by desires which consume them in the flames of hot-blooded ecstasy, Black Opium describes every aspect of an opium smoker's life in lurid detail. Often compared to James Joyces' Dubliners, Farrere's Black Opium consists of seventeen compelling tales delineating six periods in the history and use of opium. This edition of Black Opium is a reissue of And/Or Press' 1974 Fitz Hugh Ludlow edition, which features salacious illustrations by Alexander King, and the addition of a foreword by Dr. Moraes.show more

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