About cerqular

cerqular's mission is to make sustainable shopping easily accessible and affordable for all - on a single platform.

To give everyone peace of mind, it’s our promise that every seller and product is verified sustainable, organic, recycled, carbon neutral, vegan, eco-friendly or circular. We’ve checked them all one by one and poured a lot of time and energy into making sure they care about the planet just as much as we do.

Our goal is to make sustainable shopping the norm - no longer will it have to be expensive or inconvenient.

We believe in sustainable products - to us, that means they’re things made without harm to animals, natural resources or other people just like us - both now and tomorrow.

Our goal is to drive product emissions to zero, by promoting sustainable brands, making them not only easy to find but common to buy.

How to cerq-it

Sign up

Sign up

Shop sustainable products

Shop sustainable products

Earn cerq-cash on purchases

Earn cerq-cash on purchases

Refer (unlimited) friends for rewards

Refer (unlimited) friends for rewards

Get social (refer friend, chat with sellers, save favorites)

Get social (refer friend, chat with sellers, save favorites)

What We're About

Promoting local shopping

We help you shop from sellers closer to you. It not only saves time and money shopping closer to you, it also helps the environment with low/no shipping.

Verification means everything

All sellers & products are verified as sustainable & genuine - we take the guesswork out of it so you can buy with confidence & convenience.

One-stop sustainable shop

Shop many brands & products all in 1 place - 1 account, 1 shopping cart, 1 reward program, 1 checkout & 1 payment.

100% carbon neutral shipping options

Be as sustainable as possible. We’ve partnered with Sendle, America & Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral shipping service, to keep the entire shopping experience as eco-friendly as possible.

Full protection for your orders

Purchase Route+ at checkout to protect your order in case anything bad happens along the way.

We love new & vintage

Sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes such as new, upcycled, recycled and vintage. That's why you'll find products that close the loop as much as possible!

Our Verification Process

We live by these 3 T's: transparency, traceability and trust. Shopping for sustainable products online should be quick, simple, rewarding and secure. To achieve this, we do the legwork so you don’t have to.


Verify Certification

We check every application to make sure all claims are backed up (so if a company says it’s a Certified B Corp, we double check it’s true!). Sustainable certifications can be complex - but rest assured, we’ve got it covered so you don’t need to.


Verify Each Product

We comb through everything to make sure its good for the environment including wildlife, plants, resources and people. So if you see a label for ‘certified organic’ know that means we have 100% proof.


Get Approved

Total transparency and traceability of each sustainable feature and seller are a must. Which is why you can shop confidently knowing all our sellers do a great job of being cerqular.


Product & Label Changes

Any time there's any big changes to the product (ingredients, sourcing, materials etc) we review this too, to make sure it's still all sustainable.


Listen to Feedback

Your opinion matters to us. We read your reviews and listen to your comments. We want to make sure that you also love what we’re selling on cerqular.


Random Checks

Sometimes we'll randomly check our sellers to ensure their credentials are up to date, their marketing is true and their products live up to their promise so you can shop with confidence.



Organic cotton lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 46% over regular cotton

80+ miles

80+ miles

One pair of jeans causes as much greenhouse gas waste as driving a car +80 miles

2.5 years

2.5 years

Making just 1 cotton shirt takes so much water, that you could have enough to drink for the next 2.5 years

200 years

200 years

Your old clothes can sit in landfills for up to 200 years. Choosing circular fabrics means your used clothes are upcycled & given new life

What you’ll love about shopping on cerqular

Earn rewards

Every time you shop we'll reward you with cerq-cash that you can swap in later for discounts. Or refer a friend and we'll reward you both!

Safe, sustainable & secure shipping

Feel great about what you buy. With the optional Route+ add on at checkout, you can protect your order, too. Many sellers also ship with Sendle, our 100% carbon neutral shipping partner across the USA & Australia.

Save time

Find everything you want in one place. Now you won't need to visit lots of sites to shop sustainably. Save time and shop with confidence knowing everything you see on cerqular has been verified as authentically sustainable.

Your questions answered

What is “cerq-cash”?

It’s our digital currency that connects you with purchases, refunds and endless rewards making online shopping a whole lot smoother. You can easily access and manage your cerq-cash balance in your digital wallet which is located in your account.

Why was cerqular created?

Before cerqular, shopping for verified sustainable products was too hard and took too long. From finding the things you wanted – everything was on different sites - to checking sustainable claims, cerqular was born to solve a problem. The first step to making sustainability the shopping norm is to make it quick, easy and rewarding to shop sustainably on a single platform. With cerqular, you spend more time getting what you need, and we reward you every time you shop with us just to say “thanks for shopping sustainably.”

How do gift cards work?

cerqular gift cards are always a perfect gift, they give a friend or loved one the chance to get whatever they want – whenever they choose. Best of all, it takes the brain work out of guessing what to buy. To give someone a cerqular gift card, click here.

What’s your return policy like?

This varies from seller to seller, so please check out their policies on their storefront or send them a message on cerqular if anything is unclear.

Do you have a refer friends program?

As a matter of fact, we do. Every time you refer a friend to shop with us, we reward you for passing us on as well as your friend! Here’s how it works: all cerqular members have a unique referral link, so be sure to send that to your crew. As soon as someone signs up and makes their first purchase through your link, both of you will see 1% of that purchase bounced back into your cerq-cash wallet. Cha-ching! The sky’s the limit on bonuses, so invite as many people as you’d like and start raking in the dough.

What does sustainable shopping mean?

Shopping on cerqular is about buying things that make you feel good while doing good, too. Instead of using harsh plastics or nasty chemicals, all of our sellers close the loop with ethical, safe and sustainable items. This means recyclable materials, honest supply chains, organic farming, safe ingredients and a lot of other ways to make sure they’re giving back to our planet.