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Paraben FREE

Paraben FREE

Phthalate Free

Phthalate Free

Recycled Packaging

Recycled Packaging

Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing



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Give the gift of cult fragrance brand A. N. OTHER. Your gift lets your gift recipient (or you) try the entire A. N. OTHER collection, and the freedom to choose a full-size bottle of the fragrance they like most.

Your gift recipient will find out why The Fragrance Foundation nominated one fragrance from the A. N. OTHER collection as a finalist for the prestigious 2020 ‘Perfume Extraordinaire’ award, and the reason that VOGUE picked another fragrance as the niche fragrance of the year.

Your gift includes two products. The Discovery Set with the entire collection and once you've selected your favorite scent, a 50ml bottle Parfum will be sent for free.*

* Shipping for recipients in the U.S. is free. Gift recipients outside the U.S. will be charged international shipping of $35 at checkout as the products will be shipped over two separate shipments. No refunds, returns and/or opting out of the purchase of the gift or full-size bottle.  The A. N. OTHER Difference A. N. OTHER is different. Everything they do is stripped back to the barest essentials. The confidence to spend less on nonsense allows them to invest more in exceptional ingredients. They give award-winning perfumers an open check and the freedom to create something meaningful. In return, they get bold fragrances designed without the constraints of budgets, creative direction, or market trends. What you’ll receive 1.    You’ll receive a gift sample set of 6 x 2ml vials of each scent. 2.   Once you’ve found your favorite scent, you’ll receive a 50ml size bottle of your favourite scent for free. How it works 

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Purchase the A. N. OTHER Gift for $85.





Try all 6 scents & find your favorite scent.








Redeem your 50ml full-size bottle of your favourite scent.

Email us your order no. & scent to redeem your full-size bottle.








Top: Bergamot, Ambrette Absolute, Saffron Blossom

Heart: French Rose, Pomegranate, Peony

Base: Patchouli Coeur, Suede, Skin Musk




Top: Sea Side Breeze, Louisiana Peach, ClementineHeart: Osmanthus Flower, Orchid, TuberoseBase: Solar Musk, Driftwood, Bamboo




Top: Cotton Candy, Elemi, SaffronHeart: Brazilian Mate, Night Blooming Jasmine, AmbretteBase: Aged Leather, Cashmere Musk, Labdanum, Amberwood






Top: Melon Pop Rocks, Grapefruit Zest, Gin & TonicHeart: Juniper, Madagascar Ginger, Aromatic LavenderBase: Chilled Amberwood, Metallic Musk



OR 2018 



Top: Blood Orange, Star Anise, Lemon SugarHeart: Cannabis Accord, Myrrh, Night Blooming JasmineBase: Vanilla Crème, Tonka, Driftwood




Top: Pear Sparkle, Cardamom Spice, Violet LeavesHeart: Rich Orris, Cypress, Amyris



Base: Sandalwood, Blonde Cedar, Vetiver Madagascar




More A. N. OTHER Travel Products

A. N. OTHER also offers a travel set with 6 x 7.5ml travel-size vials. Individual 7.5ml travel size scents are available for purchase separately for $25 each - visit A. N. OTHER storefront on Cerqular to view the individual travel perfumes.


Ingredients that are sustainable and ethically sourced.  

A. N. OTHER fragrances are created under the 'Green Company' seal. The magnetic caps are made from a thermoset resin in a cradle to grave sustainable manufacturing process and 32% of the resin ingredients are plant-based and come from renewable sources. A. N. OTHER packaging is also made from recycled cardboard and designed to eliminate the need for a secondary shipping box.Products containing CBD can only be checked out with Sezzle

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